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Eclipse 500 - An Ideal Option for Affordable Private Jet Travel

Eclipse 500 Private Jet

The Eclipse 500 is a highly popular jet in the Very Light Jet class. Its popularity as an option for private jet travel is largely due to its great fuel mileage. The jet is powered by two lightweight Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F turbofan engines that allow it to fly up to 1,125 nm on less fuel than other, heavier jets.

Seating up to four, the Eclipse 500 is a Eclipse 500 Interiorsleek, comfortable option for affordable private jet travel. Only one pilot is required to fly this type of private jet, whereas most jets require two, saving you even more money when traveling on this jet. The Eclipse 500 is the flawless combination of economy and luxury and is perfect for your next luxury family vacation or business trip.

To book an Eclipse 500 for your next private jet charter, contact a JetHub Charter Representative. Our representatives will help you to find the best fit for your travel needs and budget. Call (888) 435-9774 to get a free quote.

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New Client Discount from JetHub Makes Private Jet Travel Affordable

JetHub, a private jet charter broker that specializes in luxury family travel, is offering a new discount special to make private jet travel even more affordable. All first time clients will receive up to $500 off trips of $5,000 or more. New clients will be able to save even more money than usual, as this discount applies to all qualifying trips, including empty leg flights.Private Jet  Travel

If you've been considering trying private jet travel for your upcoming family vacation or golf trip, now would be the time to act. This discount runs for a limited time while supplies last. Private jet travel can be a great option for large families or groups since flights are priced per plane and in-flight hours, rather than per passenger. Private jet travel is often the more affordable option when compared to traveling first class on a commercial airline.

If you're curious about private jet travel and want to know more about it, don't hesitate to call one of our charter representatives at (888) 435-9774 or fill out our online quote request form. Quotes are 100% free and our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have about private jet travel.

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Travel Savvy - Book a Private Jet for Less than a Commerical Flight

You could be here.Internet access has revolutionized every modern industry, including the travel industry. The way that people travel has changed dramatically in the last ten years - even in the last five years. With websites like Priceline or Jetsetter regularly offering deep discounts on luxury vacations,the travel industry has become highly competitive. Hotels and resorts have had to lower prices and increase quality. Cruise lines have had to slash ticket prices. Commercial airlines are in the news every week, publicly struggling to stay afloat.

Every what was once considered the ultimate marker of a luxury vacation, private jet travel, has been transformed by the internet. Jet charter companies like JetHub are able to quickly access information from thousands of private jet operators worldwide and provide clients with the lowest fares available for flights. This mode of travel has become so competitive, in fact, that it is often less expensive than traveling first class on a commercial airline.

Private jet travel is no longer reserved for the wealthy. With a little bit of research, now even a regular family can afford to fly to their next family vacation destination on a private jet. For anyone that's every been on family vacation, the reasons this is so attractive are obvious. Private jet travel means no waiting in the security line for two hours, no bad customer service, no lost baggage, no getting bumped off a flight, no missing a connection, and no airplane food. 

Savvy travelers know that with a little bit of research they travel in style at a fraction of the cost. Take a look at JetHub's empty legs page and give private jet travel a chance. When you compare it to 5-8 people traveling in first class on a commercial airline, the differences in bang for a buck become painfully obvious.

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Hawker 400XP Preferred for Private Jet Travel

One of the most popular private jets available, the Hawker 400XP is a great option for private jet travel. As a light jet, the HHawker 400XPawker 400XP is able to land on runways as short as 3,280 ft. 

In addition, the Hawker 400XP is fuel efficient, affordable, spacious and sleek. It is the biggest, fastest, most reliable jet in its light jet class. With a full 305 cubic feet of space in the cabin, plus ample head room, it is also the most comfortable private jet in the sky. 

Originally designed by Mitsubishi in 1978, the jet is now owned by Hawker Beechcraft. The average purchasin price to own a Hawker 400XP is approximately $7.2 million US dollars.

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Stranded at an airport due to bad weather? Call a private jet broker.

Winter storms and bad weather have been grounding and delaying commercial flights across the country for weeks now, as is always the case at this time of year. Commercial airlines are often unable to fly in weather because of the limitations on flying very large aircraft to a limited number of airports. Private jets don't have these restrictions because they can fly to any number of smaller airports in an area. They are also easier to land and are less affected by bad weather concerns. Private jets afford a flexibility and element of personalization to travel that commercial airlines cannot offer.

Even travelers who make their first-class reservations well in advance aren't guaranteed that they will make it to their destination on schedule. They might not even make it that day! There are any number of unforeseen factors that can interfere with a person's travel plans. Private jet brokers, however, operate on the client's schedule. Running late in traffic? No problem, the jet is ready and waiting for you. The airport you planned to fly into is closed? No problem, there's an airport 45 minutes away that is fully functional, and your private jet broker has already reserved a car for you to take you from there.

Don't take the risk of flying commercially this winter if you have a schedule to stick to. Your sales team in Chicago could be there all week. Save the money and the hassle of traveling on unreliable commercial airline flights and book a private jet. Then breathe easy because you know everything is being taken care of by very capable hands.

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Empty Leg Flights on Private Jets Make Holiday Travel Affordable

Are you traveling this December? If you haven't booked your flight yet it might be time to consider traveling on a private jet. Surprisingly, private jet travel can be more affordable than flying on a commercial airline, especially if you're taking your whole family with you.

Empty leg flights occur when a private jet is booked for a round trip flight. The operator must still bring the jet back to the home hangar, meaning that these jets are often empty and the operator is flying them at a cost. In order to minimize expenses, operators will often sell the return leg at a greatly reduced price. A passenger at a discounted rate is better than no passenger at all.


Here's an example:

John and Jane Smith want to fly with their four children from Las Vegas, NV to Aspen, CO for Christmas. They plan to leave on December 21st. They have the option of flying first class or booking an empty leg flight on a private jet.


Type of Flight

Number of Stops

Total Travel Time

Total Cost

First Class Commercial


10 hours


Empty Leg on a Private Jet


1 hour 45 minutes


By choosing to fly an empty leg on a private jet, the Smith family spends less money than they would on a commercial flight. They are able to fly nonstop, something that wasn't an option on a commercial airline. The best part? They save over 8 hours in travel time.

Flying on a private jet is an affordable option for holiday travel, especially when traveling in groups of four or more. Contact a JetHub representative today at (888) 435-9774 to take advantage of these great deals.


*Prices shown are estimates. For exact pricing, contact your private jet charter representative today.

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Teterboro International is #1 Best Airport for Executive Jet Travel

Best Airport for Executive Jet Travel


Rounding out our top 10 series of the best airports for executive jet charter is New Jersey's Teterboro Airport. The oldest airport in the New York City area, Teterboro has a rich history. It started as a base of operations for Fokker in 1919, . In 1926 Colonial Air Transport at Teterboro was the first private company to deliver mail by air. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey purchased the airport in 1949 and leased it to Pan Am World Airways in 1970 for a term for 30 years. In 2000, the Port Authority resumed full responsibility of operations and since 1970 has invested $174 million to upgrade the airport's facilities and open new areas of service to the aviation community. Teterboro is now a relief airport for the New York City area, and serves general aviation including private jets.


Teterboro Airport Executive Jet Travel

Teterboro Airport has nineteen hangars and two large office buildings, in addition to an operations building, maintenance facility and two fuel farms. Approximately 200,000 flights begin or end at Teterboro every year, many of which are operated by executive jet charters. In its 90 year history, Teterboro Airport has been an important port for all types of passengers to travel into and out of New York City and New Jersey. Efficient design, low fees, and convenient location across the George Washington Bridge make Teterboro Airport the best airport for executive jet travel.

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10 Best Airports for Executive Jet Travel - #2 Miami International

Miami International Airport - Photo by Steven Brooke

Miami International Airport (KMIA) is the main airport servicing southern Florida. Eight miles outside of downtown Miami, MIA is one of the busiest airports in the United States for private jet travel. In addition to being the most convenient airport for travel to Miami, a business and vacation hot spot, Miami International also serves as a hub for numerous airlines. Among the airlines that call Miami International hub are several commercial passenger lines, several commercial cargo lines and even some private jet charter airlines.

The main reason Miami International is so busy is due to its location. Miami is the closest and most convenient point of departure in the US when flying to the Caribbean, Latin America and all of Africa.

Miami International Airport made #2 on our list of the best airports in the US for private jet travel is due to more than it just being in the best location for most overseas travel. MIA is #2 on our list because of the service they provide to charter jet airlines and private jet passengers. That’s why so many private jet charter airlines use Miami International as their main hub.

Miami International Airport - Photo by Steven Brooke

Downtown Miami is a reason in itself to visit the Miami International Airport. One of the top vacation destinations in the US, Miami offers beautiful beaches, a nightlife that rivals any in the world, shopping and entertainment opportunities galore. Business professionals are also drawn to Miami for it’s vibrant economy and thriving industry.

You can’t go wrong when deciding to book a flight through or into Miami International. For more information on the airport, visit To make your private jet charter reservation, call (888) 435-9774 today.


Photos by Steven Brooke.

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10 Best Airports for Executive Jet Travel - #3 Van Nuys Airport

Currently the busiest general aviation airport in the world, Van Nuys airport (KVNY) only sees traffic from private jet charters or small commercial aircraft. Located within the city limits of Los Angeles, Van Nuys airport is preferred by celebrities, politicians and business executives for the convenience and anonymity it offers. The airport has only two parallel runways, and yet it averages around 1,200 flight operations per year. In contrast, LAX has multiple runways and as one of the biggest airports in the US does approximately 1,700 operations per year.

Private Jet Travel to Van Nuys Airport

In addition to being the main airport for private jet travel to and from Los Angeles, Van Nuys airport is also where most news helicopters are based. The Los Angeles fire department also bases a fleet of emergency response helicopters out of Van Nuys.

Due probably to its close proximity to Hollywood, Van Nuys airport has been the filming location for many Hollywood movies and TV shows. Most famously, the airport scenes that appear at the end of Casa Blanca showing a private plane taking off were filmed at Van Nuys airport.

Casa Blanca

Van Nuys airport is a highly efficient airport designed to provide the most in convenience and comfort to travelers. If you’re considering private jet travel to or from Los Angeles, Van Nuys is the airport to use. For more information on the airport, visit

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10 Best Airports for Executive Jet Travel - #4 Las Vegas International

Located 5 miles south of the central business district of Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport is a very popular choice for corporate jet flights.

In 1942, American aviator George Crockett established Alamo Airport on the land currently occupied by McCarran International. In 1948, Clark County bought the airfield to establish the Clark County Public Airport, and all commercial operations moved to the site of this airport. On December 20, 1948 the airport was renamed McCarran Field, and was already serving 1.5 million passengers a year.  Today, McCarran serves about 45 million commercial and corporate jet passengers a year.

Since January 4, 2005, McCarran has offered wireless internet service at no charge in the boarding areas and most other public areas. The airport was the first to provide this as a free service for the entire facility, and at this time was the largest free wireless Internet installation in the world. Las Vegas McCarran airport also houses over 1200 slot machines, and McCarran operated 6 kiosks at Las Vegas Convention Center which allow passengers to conduct their airport business and print documents on the way to the airport.

McCarran is linked by bus to the Consolidated Rental Car Facility, conveniently offering 11 rental car companies and capacity to park 5000 vehicles for use by comercial and corporate jet travelers who need a vehicle.  With modern business amenities, convenient proximity to downtown Las Vegas, and the capacity to handle all your corporate jet needs, it's no surprise that McCarran International Airport is the facility of choice for passengers flying into or out of the Las Vegas area.

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