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Charter a Private Jet - How to Use a Broker to Your Advantage

Booking a private jet rental alone can be time consuming, expensive and not to mention a hassle. Furthermore, if you do not know much about the industry it can be difficult to knowprivate jet whether you are receiving a decent rate, good service and adequate safety. Utilizing a broker can solve all the issues relating to private jet rental and provide you with benefits you probably have not even considered.

The main aspect of your broker's job is to understand your needs and act in the same way as a travel agent would in order to find the private jet operator that is best suited for you and at the best rate. This service may include a personalized itinerary both in the air and on the ground such as meal options on board, transportation to and from your destinations, and even hotel rooms should you require them.

Brokers utilize partnerships in order to receive quotes from various operators on multiple aircrafts. Without the help of a broker, the private jet rental process would be excruciatingly time consuming. Through their links to various charter companies with multiple fleets of jets, brokers can quickly find the best service to suit your schedule and even find you a jet in your preferred model. Brokers' relationships with carriers in both national and international locations help you to receive the optimal private jet rental service to any destination at the lowest cost.

Sometimes it can be highly beneficial to have access to information not known outside of the air travel industry. For example, brokers can know how weather conditions will affect flights and whether any last minute schedule changes will require a different aircraft or airport. Combined with their connections to major operators, brokers can efficiently assist in the replacement of aircraft if the original craft experiences any mechanical problems and can help you keep to your schedule even if you need to make last minute changes. Brokers can satisfy almost any request in regards to your private jet rental at short notice.

When booking a private jet rental with a broker, you are ensured better security and safety than if you make your reservation independently. Your brokers knowledge of FAA regulations and restrictions referring to factors including flight duty and rest requirements gives you the assurance that your charter operators are complying with protocol. Your broker will also review charter operators' certifications and safety records and can provide you with the safety information relating to your individual pilot and aircraft. If required, your broker can take care of your insurance needs to further simplify your private jet rental experience.

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Private Jet Charter - Enjoy the Benefits

Anyone who has flown at all in recent years is well aware of how stressful air travel has become. As if the regular worries of obtaining a comfortable seat and making sure that your carry on bag will fit in the overhead compartments aren't enough, now we must factor in the added anxiety of long and stringentprivate jet rental security checkpoints that could make us late for our flights, and being required to limit our liquid items to specific quantities....the list of rules just keeps expanding! What if you could avoid all of this hassle and just make it from point A to point B without a care in the world? A private jet rental is the perfect solution to all of these problems and will ensure that your travel plans go perfectly.

The Benefits of a Private Jet Rental

There are a wide variety of perks that come with a private jet rental. Here are several of the advantages to a private jet rental whenever you need to fly.

Save Time - Time is money, and when you enlist the services of a private jet rental you will be amazed at how much time can be saved. For starters, you will not need to waste a moment on parking and being transferred to the airport check-in as you will be picked up from your home by a driver and dropped off outside of your private jet. No check-in will be required, and you will successfully avoid long lines and intrusive security check-points. You can also say goodbye to the frustrations of waiting for the plane to load and prepare for take off, being bumped from overbooked flights, delays, long layovers as you wait for connecting flights, lost luggage, and many other common air travel problems. Your time is extremely valuable and a private jet rental will prevent any of your time from being wasted in an airport.

Enjoy Flexibility - Why waste your time bouncing from travel site to travel site trying to find flights that are departing from your ideal location during a time that you can actually make it to the airport? Why stress yourself with trying to plan out layovers and flight connections? When you elect to utilize a private jet rental you will be given the privilege of setting your own schedule during a date and time that is convenient for you.

Absolute Comfort - There is nothing worse than finding your seat on an airplane only to discover that you are going to be sandwiched between two other flyers or will be stuck next to the restrooms for the next three hours. With a private jet rental you will be able to choose wherever you would like to sit, and you will have plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable. With so much room, you will be able to actually enjoy watching a movie, reading a book, entertaining friends or colleagues, or even catch a nap as you fly. 

Total Privacy - As the name may suggest, a private jet rental will offer you complete privacy throughout the duration of your flight. The only people on board the flight are those who are expressly invited by the lead passenger. For business associates this creates the ideal setting for holding meetings or working while on board without being interrupted by noisy passengers, babies crying, or children kicking the back of your seat. Families can benefit from private jet rentals as well because it ensures that your children will be seated with you as opposed to between strangers. 

Rediscover the joy of air travel with a private jet rental.
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5 Tips for Booking a Private Jet

The number of people opting for private jet rental has been increasing gradually over the years; the service is no longer exclusive to CEOs of the largest corporations but anyone looking to make the best possible impression. More people are now private jet rentalable to enjoy the luxury of a private jet and receive benefits that range from added comfort and convenience to often lower rates than flying first class on a commercial airline. These business people use the following five tips when booking their private jet rental.

1. Use a Broker for Private Jet Rental

Brokers work directly with the private jet charter operators to negotiate the best price possible. They can frequently obtain better rates than their clients could through their greater leverage when it comes to private jet rental. Additionally, brokers can dedicate the time needed to search the market to find the best option to suit your needs and budget. A broker will ensure that the flight runs smoothly and is free from delays so you will always reach your destination on time.

2. Select an Appropriate Charter Plane

The most suitable type of charter plane for you will depend on the distance you are traveling and number of passengers. There are various types of private jets ranging from the six- to seven-passenger light jets to the heavy jets that are able to seat a large number people and fly long distances. A mid size jet is ideal for journeys of intermediate lengths or for groups of eight to nine passengers.

3. Be Flexible

Whenever your plans allow it, try to fly short notice on empty leg charter flights. This can save you thousands of dollars often making the private jet rental cheaper than a commercial flight. Unlike flying with a commercial airline, you are still provided with the additional luxury, expedience and professional business image gained by a private jet.

4. Book Early

When the above does not apply and you have a strict schedule to keep, it is essential to book your private jet early in order to find a private jet rental company to meet your specific needs. This is especially important around the holiday seasons when inventory depletes faster than usual.

5. Utilize Smaller Airports

One of the greatest advantages of private jet rental is the ability to use smaller airports that are free from the majority of air passengers and tedious security procedures, and often closer to departure points and destinations. Using small airports also incurs lower fees that will significantly reduce the overall cost of your flight.

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Private Jet Rental Cost: Affording a Special Vacation

private jet vacationYour vacation time is intended to be relaxing and stress free so that you can recover from the hustle and bustle of every day life and truly renew yourself. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that many of us have experienced much more stress than we bargained for when it comes to our travel arrangements. Though a private jet rental may seem like an extreme solution to the problems of standard air travel, you would be truly amazed at how affordable and convenient it is to fly this way. Flying on a private jet rental will ensure that you get the very most out of your vacation and all of the added perks will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.

Can I afford a private jet rental?

If you are thinking that a private jet rental is out of your price range, guess again. Though private jets are more costly than flying on a commercial airline, the jump in price is not much at all when you consider all of the amenities and hidden savings that you will receive as an added value to your investment. Here we will take a look at a few of the many reasons that flying on a private jet rental is extremely affordable and how it can make your vacation truly special and memorable.
  • Money Savings -  You may be spending more money on the actual travel arrangements with a private jet rental, but the majority of this extra cost is shaved off by money you will save elsewhere. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a taxi or shuttle service, you'll be picked up at your home and dropped off at your plane. In addition to this, you wont have to worry about paying money for your checked baggage - this can really add up when you are packing for a long family vacation! Plus, when you fly on a private jet you will not have to worry about paying extra to fly in or out of a specific airport. Everything will be done according to your schedule without requiring you to pay any extra. Once on the plane you will not have to pay for any food, beverage, or entertainment services, unlike on a commercial flight. One other great way to save money with a private jet rental is through group travel. If you include other family members or friends in your vacation plans, you will find that flying privately may actually be cheaper than everyone buying their own individual commercial airfare.
  • Time Savings - When you fly on a private jet rental you will not need to waste a moment of your time researching stringent TSA regulations and frantically working to make sure that you are in compliance. You will not need to spend time waiting in line to check your baggage, and best of all you will not be required to subject yourself to long security check point lines and the intrusive security searches themselves. Plus you won't have to wait for the plane to load before taking off, meaning you get more time to enjoy on your vacation!
  • Personal Service - A private jet rental will allow you, your family, and your friends to be treated like royalty from start to finish. Instead of vying for the attention of flight staff on a commercial airline, you will have the exclusive attentions from your attendant so that you will feel comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for. In this way, your flight is transformed into part of your vacation experience. 
Make your next vacation truly special with a private jet rental!
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Question of the Week - Why Use a Private Jet Charter Broker

These days, many people enjoy the experience of traveling on a commercial airline either for business or pleasure. However, very few people such as company managers and CEOs enjoy the luxury of chartering a private jet for executive travel. In order to enjoy the ultimate in satisfaction, service and time savings, CEOs and presidents of more and more companies take a private jet for their business trip. The number of executive class people switching from commercial airlines to private jet charter broker services is increasing day by day. Various reasons can be attributed for this big change. 

Finding ideal flights for a business trip has become quite difficult these days. Even if you choose first class commercial air travel, you can still experience the inconvenience and hassles of spending the whole day at the airport. Chartering a private jet for your business trips pays back by saving valuable time. More and more business professionals choose to travel using a broker who works directly with private jet charter operators. Working with a private jet charter broker offers various benefits. 

Private jet charter broker

No delays and cancellation

Private jets rarely get canceled. Even if you arrive at the airport late, the flight will be ready and you fly on your schedule. Moreover working with a private jet charter broker eliminates the chances of cancellation of flights. Brokers have links with a big list of operators they work with. Hence, they are able to offer quick replacement aircraft and avoid cancellation of your scheduled flights.

Flexible options

Air charter offers you complete flexibility and comfort to fly where, when and how you want. Unlike commercial airlines, working with a private jet charter broker allows you to select a turboprop aircraft or private jet aircraft according to your requirements and needs for your charter flight. In addition to this, you have the option to depart from and fly to over 5,000 airport locations nationwide which is not possible with commercial travel.

Top quality comforts

An executive charter service provides top quality catering and amenities at your request. Just drive to your private jet aircraft, have your luggage loaded and you are on your way to your destination. All hassles associated with regular travels such as parking, long lines at the ticket counter, baggage, layovers in crowded airports, delayed flights, and canceled flights are eliminated. Executive charter services provide convenient and comfortable business travel. You can carry on with your business during the flight or simply relax as the seats and cabins are spacious on a typical private aircraft charter. 

Increased safety

The services of a professional private jet charter ensure better security and safety. The pilots receive extensive training from the company operating the jet, and their safety records and experience are tracked and recorded by Aviation Research Group (ARGUS). Hence, you can be assured of safe and secure business travel on time much better than commercial airlines.

Closing thoughts

Using a private jet charter broker service ensures that your vital trips are not canceled and you board the flight on time without any hassle and problem. Moreover, there is no better way of reaching your destination with all comforts and convenience at affordable costs than chartering a private jet. Besides providing you a sense of privacy and comfort, private jet charter broker services ensure that there are no delays and you reach your destination quite comfortably on time.

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Exclusive Worldwide Private Jet Charter | International Security

The evolution of private jet charter companies has been so fast owing to the rising demand of clients, and the importance of the special services that these companies offer.  Some of these jet companies do not own and manage the chartered jets.  They operate in a unique model of uniting the private jet carriers to form a cohesive network.  

Their main function is to provide their members and clients an access to the most luxurious and finest private jets.  Access here means that you’ll be provided with peace of mind on your trip through a tight safety and security due-diligence program that the company is committed to implement.  

An added comfort of knowing that their command center is continuously tracking every inch of your flight would make you feel relaxed and secured.  

Features of an Ideal Private Jet Charter

•    Offers peace of mind, flexibility and simplicity in the choice of the private chartered jet.
•    Provides you with the freedom to choose the precise type, make and model of the jet for each trip.
•    Does not require up-front capital outlay.
•    Stringent commitment to the safety and security of passengers.
•    Should possess logistics expertise.

Why People Hire Jets

Many people across the globe may not be aware that the use of a private jet charter is cost effective.  In fact those who wish to travel in a comfortable and stylish atmosphere where they can reach their destinations quickly and safely, travel by private jet almost every day.

When you combine business and pleasure in your travel, the most enjoyable way is to go by a chartered flight in a private aircraft.

Air Charter Standards for International Security

•    Each certified network operator must meet required FAA standards and the corresponding network safety standards.

•    Private jet companies should subscribe to both Wyvern trip and ARG/US safety intelligence reports.

•    The operators commitment to safety standards, should be performed by a 3rd party due-diligence program.  Aside from that, they should follow the rules of the FAA.

•    These companies should focus their attention on the safety culture that everyone is encouraged to treat every flight as one that carries their own family on-board.

Utilizing a broker will make your search and planning of a premium private jet, easy.  The online flight planning tool is an exclusive tool owned by the network where brokers can search the style, price and amenities offered by a private jet company.  It provides great help in comparing prices and services of private charters on a daily basis, 24 hours a day.

What a Private Jet Charter Company should Offer

•    A private charter should provide absolute security and safety for its clients on a global scale.
•    The company should be financially stable in order to provide its clients with the highest level of quality in service.
•    The quality and excellence of its aircraft and services should be carried out absolutely throughout the contract.

Specialist Services for Private Jet Clients 

The services of private jet companies include security and safety for private jet charters, helicopter charters, and private aircraft charters.  Transportation and security is assured for private individuals, corporate groups and families.  Specialized security including manned guarding and static guarding are also available in their special services to clients.

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Jet Charters - Private Jet Charters and Charter Flights

private jetYour goals are simple:  convenience and on time delivery, but this is not a package you are shipping overnight, it is you and your team arriving on schedule for an unexpected meeting that is critical to the success of your business.  Although the concept may seem like a luxury perk for legacy businesses of corporate boardrooms, a private jet charter is not technically difficult and is actually a sensible and cost effective use of your company's important resources.

The one constant loss that your business is guaranteed to have is time.  Time can only be spent and your time can be spent preparing, working and meeting or it can be spent parking, shuttling, standing in line, waiting to board and sitting on a runway staring at the seat in front of you while your laptop rests in sleep mode.  Establishing a relationship with one or more private jet charter brokers can build your company flexibility that you never imagined with regard to shopping for planes, scheduling flight times and arriving at one of over 3000 private airports often within minutes of most major business complexes. 

The understanding of the operations for private jet charters can require some up front research.  There will be a difference between a private jet charter and a discount airline booked months in advance:  The costs for the discount airline are substantially less, however, the flight was chosen with a very rigid schedule in mind, the airport and carrier will allow no flexibility in your delays and their delays are your problem.  The private jet charter can be scheduled with only a few hours notice and the pilot and crew will be at the hangar ready to board and receive a runway clearance the moment you and your team arrive and the doors close.  Should your important meeting run long or finish early the jet will be prepared for the return flight with no delays.

Your comfort in a discount or legacy carrier is based on maximizing numbers of passengers while the charter is often designed to allow you and your business team to get work done in an environment similar to a boardroom.  Expect outlets for your computers and comfortable workspaces and should you need rest, seats that truly recline.  Meals and refreshments are designed to insure that you arrive at your meeting or at home refreshed and satisfied.

It can be very advantageous to consider working with a charter broker.  These services represent your interest and deal with operators to insure that you are provided with the right services for your trip.  In addition to competitive rates, the broker can handle the logistics of your trip, review safety standards for  the charter, and insure that insurance is provided by the carrier.  Your broker can offer you competitive deals such as filling empty legs of other charter flights when flexibility allows, negotiate discounts for repeat charter flights with regular service, and help to insure that the best destination for your arrival is chosen to minimize travel time.

If your team requires regular travel for business and meetings require short notice travel plans with time built in to work and review, you will find that a private jet charter is a cost effective and time-saving option for the growth of your business.

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Three Benefits To A Private Jet Charter

private jet charterLove it or hate it, air travel is often a necessity, so making the most of your time in the air is essential. Although many airliners offer exceptional business class service on international flights, the domestic seating arrangements leave more to be desired. With the available means, a private jet charter is a desirable upgrade, with benefits and services far surpassing leg room and chatty passengers. So if you need to travel anytime soon, consider a private jet charter, you'll probably never again return to the commercial airlines.

Skip Long Airport Security Lines

Are you tired of arriving at the airport several hours beforehand, just so you can make it through security, have your baggage checked and race through the terminal, just to make it to your gate on time? If so, you will thoroughly enjoy the benefits of a private jet charter, as this is no longer an issue. Not only do you skip all lines and avoid security, but you no longer have to depart when the airline company determines is the best time for a flight. This is up to you, as you decide when to depart on your schedule. So whether you are traveling for one hour or have to arrive across the country at a certain time for a big meeting, you can have the charter jet depart at your specified time. 

Avoid Checking Baggage

Checking luggage is a rather major issue with large airlines. Not only do you have to pay to check most baggage before stepping foot on the plane (unless you are part of the airlines frequent flying club, in which case you might receive compensation for one bag), but now, some airline companies are actually charging for carry on baggage as well, preventing you from getting away from any sort of excessive fee. With a private jet charter, this is no longer a problem, as all baggage is free and placed either in the storage compartment on the jet, or on board, depending on if you need the specified bag during the flight or not. 

Exceptional In Flight Entertainment

During a normal flight, even at cruising altitude it generally is not recommended to walk about the jet. During an international flight you probably need to stretch your legs, but there is little room for you to move about, especially if other individuals are doing the same thing. However, with a private jet charter, you are able to move about easier as there are fewer passengers. You can walk around to stretch your legs, switch chairs if one and find the best view. On top of this, you aren't limited to the single video played overhead as the in flight entertainment. You can either watch the selection of movies and games the private jet charter has on board, or you can use your laptop to view movies. Of course, you can always use your laptop to watch movies on most commercial flights, the problem is there generally is no power outlet for you to use (outside of extended international flights). On a private jet, you have the ability to watch a movie or work on your laptop, all while charging the battery, so it is ready to go when you land. The last thing you want is for the computer to shut down in the middle of your presentation for a large account. Plus, with Internet access you don't have to pay to use, communicating with individuals on land is easier, ensuring the flight is not only more comfortable, but far more productive, all by using a private jet charter.
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Tips for Booking Private Jet Travel to the Summer Olympics

London OlympicsTips for Booking Private Jet Travel to the Summer Olympics

Worldwide jet charters have been flying under the radar and discretely on the up-tick since 2009.  From celebrities to professional athletes and leaders in business, a private jet is not only the preferred mode of transportation but also the most comfortable and efficient.  Unlike commercial travel, flying independently helps the bottom line due to the expedience and flexibility of the private jet industry and your busy schedule.

One the most popular destinations this summer is London, England for the 2012 Olympics.  According to British officials, an additional 3,000 private carriers are expected to fly into UK airports during the months of June and July.  

Due to the increase in demand and anticipated air traffic congestion, here are several tips to help make your private jet experience fly smoothly:

  • The Earlier, The Better — The British Government is enforcing strict rules on all commercial and private aviation this summer. This means book your private jet carrier now.  The two major airports, Gatwick and Heathrow, are reserved for commercial airlines. There are 35 surrounding airports for private jets. Following are several for your consideration:

  • Northholt — (EGWU) is perhaps the closest airport to the city at only 15 miles outside of Central London and while it operates 24-hours, there are restrictions as it’s the base for the Royal Air Force.
  • London Oxford — (EGTK) is 40 miles outside of London with limited hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m.
  • Biggin Hill — (EGKB) is just 14 miles south of the city but operates from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.
  • Farnborough — (EGLF) is found 35 miles south of London with limited hours of operation and a prior request is necessary for landing permission.
  • Stansted — (EGSS) is located just 30 miles outside of London and open 24-hours.
  • Luton — (EGGW) is 35 miles north of the city and open 24-hours.
  • Southend — (EGMC) Operates 24-hours each day and is 40 miles outside of the city.

  • Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) — According to officials, “slot allocations” will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis and once the slots are filled all other carriers will be forced to fly into another airport or on an alternative day.  Make sure you have your slot for entry and exit ahead of time.

  • Knowing your events helps navigate your itinerary — The majority of the games will take place in Central London but there are several competitions that take place outside of the city.  Plan the events you want to see before you charter your private jet.  Here are some of the most popular games to attend:

  • Swimming: Saturday 28 July – Friday 10 August at Aquatics Centre Hyde Park.
  • Diving: Sunday 29 July  – Saturday 11 August at Aquatics Centre.
  • Boxing: Saturday 28 July – Sunday 12 August at ExCeL.
  • Football (Soccer): Wednesday 25 July – Saturday 11 August at six locations around the UK. Check the game(s) you want to attend.
  • Gymnastics: Saturday 28 July – Tuesday 7 August at North Greenwich Arena.
  • Sailing: Sunday 29 July – Saturday 11 August at Weymouth and Portland.

The private aviation industry sees a burgeoning trend as new companies are opening offices in China, Brazil, Dubai and other parts of the world. With the anticipated success and increase in private jet travel this summer, worldwide jet charters are on the verge of an economic sonic boom. Book your flights early.

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Charter a private plane or just go first class?

private jet chartersWith a private jet charter, the VIP treatment starts before you even step on the plane. If you wish, you can be chauffeured from your home or office to the airport. The car will be able to take you to the tarmac where your aircraft awaits you. On your arrival, you will be greeted by your pilots and offered refreshment by the FBO staff. You only need to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, and the jet will not leave without you if you need to arrive late. Additionally, you can call in advance to request the flight slightly earlier for your added convenience.

Compare the above to commercial flight travel where, even with a first class ticket that may give you access to short check-in and security lines, you are still subject to tedious procedures that are non-existent with private jet charter. Furthermore, your first class ticket does not provide you with immunity from cancelations and lost or damaged luggage, and you still must leave from congested main hub airports.

Secondly, consider the flight itself. First class travel is supposed to be the best available but flights in commercial airlines still require pets to be packed with the luggage and most have limited privacy; in fact, many airlines are now beginning to blend business class with first class. Not only does private jet charter overcome these issues but provides you with further luxuries. You have the freedom to make all the choices and changes to original plans such as departure time and location including from smaller, closer airports. You can also order in advance any food you wish to have rather than be presented with the limited choices that even first class travel provides.

Renting a private jet costs only slightly more than a first class ticket, on a per seat basis. One example of this is traveling in a group of executives to different locations within a few days. The time saved by not having to deal with airport procedures and the total control over travel choices means being able to visit more locations in one day and therefore save on overnight accommodation.

Time saved by flying on a private jet actually saves money in comparison to first class. On average, passengers who opt for commercial flights spend the equivalent of two full days per year in flying and its related procedures. This amount increases for those who travel more frequently.

Private jet travel is increasing as the commercial airlines continue to under-perform. As business profits rise, it is often more plausible to take a private jet to enhance the good image of your company.

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Travel Options: Private Jet Travel

If you want to experience the best in life or need to make a good corporate impression, private jet charter is for you. Unlike commercial airlines, private jet charter allows you to actually enjoy traveling. There are some significant advantages to using a private jet no matter whether you are traveling for business or on vacation.

private jet charter

Private jet charter is less expensive than it was previously and is no longer an option only for the very rich. Prices are often equal to first class and business class tickets on a commercial airline. It is a much more suitable option for very important business trips where your image can make or break a business deal. Your mode of transport could be the deciding factor.

With private jet charter, all the choices are your own including the route you take, the airports you use, even the type of aircraft. You are provided with high quality food and drink, pre-ordered to suit your tastes. Any concerns about lost or damaged luggage are obsolete as you take your baggage with you to the jet where you will be assisted with loading it.

By fitting flights around your personal requirements, there is no need to worry about delays causing you to be late for that critical meeting, fatally damaging your company's reputation. Similarly, no time is wasted by needing to take a flight that arrives too early or because only a connecting flight is available. In addition, if you decide to change your schedule or want to visit many places in the space of one day, the private jet company can cater to your needs.

Private aircraft depart from private airport facilities, called Fixed Base Operators. This eliminates the uncomfortable waiting period so often experienced with commercial flight. Airport as security control is also different – non-existent, and therefore faster. There are no long lines or frustrating security procedures at all. You also have the chance to use smaller airports that do not host commercial airlines. This can be particularly useful if you live or work nearby such an airport.

Absolutely no time is wasted when using a private jet. Services usually include ground transportation both to and from the jet so your trip begins from your home or office. Not only do you travel in comfort, this also removes the need for additional transport planning. Also, before arriving to your destination, the flight crew will call ground transportation so they are ready for you when you land.

The privacy created by only flying with your own staff means you can hold confidential meetings while in the air. Most jets contain all the equipment necessary to continue working such as laptop connections, phones and satellite phones. Those looking for a more relaxed environment or who are flying for pleasure will appreciate the satellite TV and music systems. For overnight flights, private jets can be equipped with beds for the passengers.

Private jet charter has changed. It is far more widely available and affordable than in previous years. Those with busy schedules may even find flying on a private jet saves money simply through added convenience it creates. For the professional, there should be no other way.

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Private Jet Charters Can Take You To The 2012 Summer Games

I2012 Olympic Gamesf you are looking for a unique opportunity to become a part of history at theupcoming summer Olympic games, you may consider arriving in style via a private jet charter. The summer games, which kick off in London on July 27th, will be packed with thousands of spectators, athletes, media representatives, and tourists. Private jet charters are a cost effective and stress free way to book your travel arrangements to and from the Olympics.

Less Hassle

Your trip to the summer Olympic games should be fun and exciting, not a stressful mess. With so many people traveling to the UK, you can be certain that strict security measures will be taken for all commercial flights. This will result in extensive security checks, congested airports, and lengthy customs procedures. Do not bog yourself down with long lines, stressed parents, and screaming children at the airport. You can avoid all the negative aspects of travel when you fly privately. A private jet charter will guarantee that you save yourself the extreme hassle of traditional flight arrangements.

Increased Comfort

No matter where it is that you are flying from or how long you will be in the air, comfort counts. The summer is always a busy time at the airports, but with the addition of the summer Olympic games, the amount of travelers will be much higher than usual. More people flying means virtually zero possibility of a chance that the seat next to you will be empty. When you choose to fly to the UK on a private jet charter, you will delight in plenty of leg room and space to stretch out. No one will be kicking the back of your seat, and no one will be able to recline onto your lap. The key word here is "private". Your privacy is synonymous with peace, quiet, and relaxation during travel.


A traditional flight will involve one or more stops and  transfers. Changing flights can be extremely stressful, especially when you may miss your connection due to delays. On top of this, your travel experience becomes even more frustrating as you wait for your transfer in a crowded waiting area for hours on end. A private jet charter will maximize your travel efficiency. Avoid all of the typical airport chaos and instead, enjoy the excitement as you head off to the summer Olympic games.

Stay Connected

Workaholics and entertainment enthusiasts alike will enjoy the ability to stay connected on a private jet charter. Many private jets are equipped with laptop hookups and wifi so that you can make productive use of your time in transit. If you have decided to leave work at the office, you will delight in the luxury of listening to music, watching in-flight movies, and possibly even enjoying satellite phone call.

Save the Date

The summer games are a mere two months away, so it is important that you get all of your plans made now. The Olympics are an exciting experience, and you can count on the fact that many high-profile persons will be traveling to London to be a part of it. Because of this, it is believed that the demand for private jets will be on the rise this summer. Be sure to make your reservations for your private jet charter to and from the games in a timely manner.

As you prepare to depart for the 2012 Olympic games, be certain that you get started off on the right foot. Traveling on a private jet charter will make your journey to the summer games as relaxing, stress-free, and efficient as possible.
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5 Utilization Strategies For Private Jets

1.  Transportation of Employees

The most common use of private jets is to transport employees to meet company objectives. For strategic meetings, new market research, client relationships and meeting with investors.

2.  Transportation of Customers

Quite often companies will utilize a private jet to bring clients to visit a facility to launch a new product or service. The opportunity to make presentations and hold meetings with clients and prospects on the private flight are a major selling point for the usage.

3.  Transportation of SuppliersAir Ambulance

Businesses are able to accelerate and improve supply chain by transporting suppliers efficiently on a private jet. The ability to transport several suppliers for meetings or interaction with clients or just improve supplier relations is key.

4.  Transportation of Cargo, Parts

It is extremely efficient to transport cargo and parts between company facilities, suppliers, customers and potential customers. Larger volume of shipments could potentially reduce overnight shipping cost, especially if the flight is accompanied by a company official. 

5.  Humanitarian and Charity Flights

It's a known fact that private jets support people and communities in crisis by flying supplies, patients, blood and organs. Recently it has become common for military families to be connected via private jet. One well know mission is for emergency relief to victims of natural disaters.

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Private Jet User Fees Will Kill A Major Economic Engine - Airports


Throughout the country there are mostly small, Community airports create jobs for area residents in aviation related businesses on and near the airport. Flight schools, aircraft repair of private jets, fixed based operators, etc. as well as businesses indirectly related to the airfield. These include restaurants, hotels, car rentals, shopping, hotels and others. public use airports that are used by business aircraft and are key to the local economy, providing jobs, local investment and economic activity to the communities.

These employers generate much needed tax revenues for cities, counties and states. Local airports help keep existing employers in a community and attract new business eager to capitalize on the market. User fees on general aviation will dampen the amount of traffic and potentially will have a negative impact on several airports, employers and employees throughout the country.

For an examples of the economic power of these smaller airports look at Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO) in Virginia. It is located 37 miles from D.C. and has approximately two dozen twin pistons, five helicopters and a half dozen jets.  Leesburg has one runway, four flight schools and one fixed based operator. Not a big operation in size, but the economic impact is estimated at $42 million to the regional economy and provides 612 jobs.

Private jets and the related business are a major economic engine in the U.S. with most of the revenue generated from the regional small airports. User fees would restrict aircraft movement, make users select different routes to maximize distance, potentially passing by the smaller airports and communities dependent on them. 

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