Private Aircraft Charter Services

JetHub Aviation utilizes an extensive, global network of private aircraft to meet the needs of your specific travel itinerary and budget. We provide the most efficient private aircraft charter flights (certified Part 135 Operators) at very competitive prices.

Our experience and industry savvy enable us deliver what you expect, on time, every time.


In addition to providing the best private aircraft charter flights at the best prices, the JetHub team takes it one step further. We understand that private travel demands a certain caliber of service. JetHub Aviation arranges concierge services from catering and ground transportation to hotel and dining reservations. Experience the level of service you expect when you fly with JetHub Aviation.

Your own personal Charter Advisor will be assigned to you. You will never have to talk with a customer service representative who doesn't know and anticipate your preferences. Our level of personal service and industry experience will exceed your expectations. We can say this because 90 percent of our business is from repeat customers.


We make travelling safely a top priority. JetHub Aviation provides a complete safety record for each charter flight. In addition, all aircraft are Part 135 Carrier Certified aircraft (ARG/US and Wyvern Authorized). In order to receive Part 135 Air Carrier certification, the private aircraft must meet rigorous maintenance and inspection protocols.


JetHub's private aircraft charter services enable you to accomplish more in a single day. Travel to your destination without the delays of commercial travel. No waiting in line, no checking in two hours prior - just show up and go. The efficiency gained from flying on a private aircraft charter will enable your team to be more productive.

Last minute travel is a specialty at JetHub Aviation. With as little as 4 hours notice, your personal Charter Advisor will locate and book your private jet.


JetHub Aviation has access to the largest network of private jet charter aircraft. This vast network ensures that not only can we match you with your desired private jet, but we can also provide the very best charter flight pricing. The proof is in our "all-in" hourly rates.

Remember, there is no cost to get a quote!

Various programs are available to fit you private jet travel needs. JetHub Aviation offers our premier JetCard 2.0 Program or you can utilize our on-demand charter flight service.

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