Private Jet Charter to Alaska

Use this list of Alaskan airports to help determine the most convenient airport to your location. When you fly on a private jet charter to Alaska, you have the ability to tailor your trip, including where your private jet lands to your needs.

To see more information about an Alaskan airport, click on the link. It will tell you if your trip on private jet charter to Alaska is compatible with airport facilities.

Alaska Airports

City ID Name
Adak Island PADK Adak Airport
Akhiok PAKH Akhiok Airport
Akiachak Z13 Akiachak Airport
Akiachak KKI Akiachak Seaplane Base
Akiak PFAK Akiak Airport
Akutan KQA Akutan Seaplane Base
Alakanuk PAUK Alakanuk Airport
Aleknagik 5A8 Aleknagik New Airport
Aleknagik Z25 Tripod Airport
Aleknagik Z33 Aleknagik Seaplane Base
Allakaket PFAL Allakaket Airport
Ambler PAFM Ambler Airport
Anaktuvuk Pass PAKP Anaktuvuk Pass Airport
Anchorage PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Anchorage PAMR Merrill Field Airport
Anchorage PALH Lake Hood Seaplane Base
Anchorage Z41 Lake Hood Strip Airport
Anchorage A13 Bold Airport
Anchorage 3C3 Campbell Lake Seaplane Base
Anchorage 2OK Alaska Regional Hospital Heliport
Angoon PAGN Angoon Seaplane Base
Aniak PANI Aniak Airport
Annette Z43 Tamgas Harbor Seaplane Base
Anvik PANV Anvik Airport
Anvik K40 Anvik Seaplane Base
Arctic Village PARC Arctic Village Airport
Atka PAAK Atka Airport
Atmautluak 4A2 Atmautluak Airport
Atqasuk PATQ Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. Memorial Airport
Baranof BNF Warm Spring Bay Seaplane Base
Barrow PABR Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport
Barter Island PABA Barter Island LRRS Airport
Bartlett Cove BQV Bartlett Cove Seaplane Base
Basin Creek Z47 Basin Creek Airport
Bear Creek Z48 Bear Creek 3 Airport
Bear Lake Z52 Johnsons Landing Airport
Beaver PAWB Beaver Airport
Bethel PABE Bethel Airport
Bethel Z59 Bethel Seaplane Base
Bethel Z58 Hangar Lake Seaplane Base
Bettles PABT Bettles Airport
Bettles 2A4 Vor Lake Waterlane Seaplane Base
Big Lake PAGQ Big Lake Airport
Big Lake L95 Jones Landing Seaplane Base
Big Lake D71 Beaver Lake Seaplane Base
Big Lake 6A7 Brocker Lake Seaplane Base
Birch Creek Z91 Birch Creek Airport
Birchwood PABV Birchwood Airport
Black Rapids 5BK Black Rapids Airport
Boundary BYA Boundary Airport
Brevig Mission PFKT Brevig Mission Airport
Buckland PABL Buckland Airport
Cantwell PATW Cantwell Airport
Cape Pole Z71 Cape Pole Seaplane Base
Central PACE Central Airport
Chalkyitsik PACI Chalkyitsik Airport
Chandalar Camp 5CD Chandalar Shelf Airport
Chandalar Lake PALR Chandalar Lake Airport
Chatham CYM Chatham Seaplane Base
Chefornak PACK Chefornak Airport
Chenega PFCB Chenega Bay Airport
Chernofski Harbor KCN Chernofski Harbor Seaplane Base
Chevak PAVA Chevak Airport
Chicken CKX Chicken Airport
Chignik PAJC Chignik Airport
Chignik Z78 Chignik Bay Seaplane Base
Chignik Lagoon KCL Chignik Lagoon Airport
Chignik Lake A79 Chignik Lake Airport
Chisana CZN Chisana Airport
Chistochina CZO Chistochina Airport
Chitina CXC Chitina Airport
Chuathbaluk PACH Chuathbaluk Airport
Circle PACR Circle City (New) Airport
Circle Hot Springs CHP Circle Hot Springs Airport
Clarks Point PFCL Clarks Point Airport
Clear PACL Clear Airport
Clear CLF Clear Sky Lodge Airport
Clearwater Z86 Clearwater Airport
Coffman Cove KCC Coffman Cove Seaplane Base
Cold Bay PACD Cold Bay Airport
Cold Bay Z87 Blinn Lake Seaplane Base
Coldfoot PACX Coldfoot Airport
Cooper Landing JLA Quartz Creek Airport
Copper Center Z93 Copper Center 2 Airport
Cordova PACV Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport
Cordova CKU Cordova Municipal Airport
Council K29 Council Airport
Craig CGA Craig Seaplane Base
Craig 5C5 El Capitan Lodge Seaplane Base
Crooked Creek CJX Crooked Creek Airport
Dahl Creek DCK Dahl Creek Airport
Deadhorse PASC Deadhorse Airport
Deering PADE Deering Airport
Delta Junction D66 Delta Junction Airport
Delta Junction / Ft Greeley PABI Allen Army Airfield
Denali 0Z2 Road Commission Nr 1 Airport
Dillingham PADL Dillingham Airport
Dillingham 0Z3 Shannons Pond Seaplane Base
Diomede DM2 Diomede Heliport
Eagle PAEG Eagle Airport
Eagle River D72 D&C Fire Lake Flying Club Seaplane Base
Eek PAEE Eek Airport
Egegik PAII Egegik Airport
Ekwok KEK Ekwok Airport
Elfin Cove PAEL Elfin Cove Seaplane Base
Elim PFEL Elim Airport
Ellamar 1Z9 Ellamar Seaplane Base
Emmonak PAEM Emmonak Airport
Entrance Island 2Z1 Entrance Island Seaplane Base
Eureka Creek 2Z2 Eureka Creek Airport
Eva Creek 2Z3 Eva Creek Airport
Excursion Inlet EXI Excursion Inlet Seaplane Base
Fairbanks PAFA Fairbanks International Airport
Fairbanks PAAN Gold King Creek Airport
Fairbanks 2Z5 Chena River Seaplane Base
False Island 2Z6 False Island Seaplane Base
False Pass PAKF False Pass Airport
Farewell PAFW Farewell Airport
Farewell Lake PAFL Tin Creek Airport
Farewell Lake PAFK Farewell Lake Seaplane Base
Feather River 3Z1 Feather River Airport
Flat FLT Flat Airport
Fort Yukon PFYU Fort Yukon Airport
Funter Bay PANR Funter Bay Seaplane Base
Galbraith Lake PAGB Galbraith Lake Airport
Galena PAGA Edward G. Pitka Sr. Airport
Gambell PAGM Gambell Airport
Girdwood AQY Girdwood Airport
Glacier Creek KGZ Glacier Creek Airport
Golden Horn Lodge 3Z8 Golden Horn Lodge Seaplane Base
Golovin PAGL Golovin Airport
Goodnews GNU Goodnews Airport
Goose Bay Z40 Goose Bay Airport
Grayling KGX Grayling Airport
Gulkana PAGK Gulkana Airport
Gustavus PAGS Gustavus Airport
Haines PAHN Haines Airport
Haines 3Z9 Haines Seaplane Base
Hannum Creek 4Z2 Upper Hannum Creek Airport
Healy PAHV Healy River Airport
Hollis HYL Hollis Seaplane Base
Holy Cross PAHC Holy Cross Airport
Homer PAHO Homer Airport
Homer 5BL Homer-Beluga Lake Seaplane Base
Hoonah PAOH Hoonah Airport
Hoonah OOH Hoonah Seaplane Base
Hooper Bay PAHP Hooper Bay Airport
Hope 5HO Hope Airport
Horsfeld 4Z5 Horsfeld Airport
Hughes PAHU Hughes Airport
Huslia PAHL Huslia Airport
Hydaburg PAHY Hydaburg Seaplane Base
Hyder 4Z7 Hyder Seaplane Base
Igiugig PAIG Igiugig Airport
Iliamna PAIL Iliamna Airport
Ivanof Bay KIB Ivanof Bay Seaplane Base
Jakolof Bay 4Z9 Jakolof Bay Airport
Juneau PAJN Juneau International Airport
Juneau 5Z1 Juneau Harbor Seaplane Base
Kake PAFE Kake Airport
Kake KAE Kake Seaplane Base
Kalskag PALG Kalskag Airport
Kaltag PAKV Kaltag Airport
Kanakanak 5Z4 Ans Hospital Heliport
Kantishna 5Z5 Kantishna Airport
Kantishna Z90 Stampede Airport
Karluk PAKY Karluk Airport
Karluk Lake KKL Karluk Lake Seaplane Base
Kasaan KXA Kasaan Seaplane Base
Kasigluk PFKA Kasigluk Airport
Kasilof 5KS Kasilof Airport
Kasilof AK5 Encelewski Lake Seaplane Base
Kasitsna Bay 5Z7 Kasitsna Airport
Katmai Ntnl Park 5Z9 Lake Brooks Seaplane Base
Kenai PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport
Kenai 2R3 Island Lake Seaplane Base
Ketchikan PAKT Ketchikan International Airport
Ketchikan 5KE Ketchikan Harbor Seaplane Base
Ketchikan 8K9 Murphys Pullout Seaplane Base
Ketchikan 9C0 Peninsula Point Pullout Seaplane Base
Kiana PAIK Bob Baker Memorial Airport
King Cove PAVC King Cove Airport
King Salmon PAKN King Salmon Airport
Kipnuk PAKI Kipnuk Airport
Kitoi Bay KKB Kitoi Bay Seaplane Base
Kivalina PAVL Kivalina Airport
Klawock PAKW Klawock Airport
Klawock PAQC Klawock Seaplane Base
Kobuk PAOB Kobuk Airport
Kodiak PADQ Kodiak Airport
Kodiak PAKD Kodiak Municipal Airport
Kodiak T44 Trident Basin Seaplane Base
Kodiak 9Z3 Kodiak (Lilly Lake) Seaplane Base
Koggiung 5KO Koggiung Airport
Kokhanok PFKK Kokhanok Airport
Koliganek PAJZ Koliganek Airport
Kongiganak PADY Kongiganak Airport
Kotlik PFKO Kotlik Airport
Kotzebue PAOT Ralph Wien Memorial Airport
Koyuk PAKK Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport
Koyukuk PFKU Koyukuk Airport
Kulik Lake PAKL Kulik Lake Airport
Kvichak 9Z7 Kvichak (Diamond J) Airport
Kwethluk PFKW Kwethluk Airport
Kwigillingok PAGG Kwigillingok Airport
Kwigillingok KWK Kwigillingok Seaplane Base
Lake Louise 13S Lake Louise Seaplane Base
Larsen Bay PALB Larsen Bay Airport
Lawing 9Z9 Lawing Airport
Lazy Bay ALZ Alitak Seaplane Base
Levelock 9Z8 Levelock Airport
Lime Village 2AK Lime Village Airport
Livengood 4AK Livengood Camp Airport
Manley Hot Springs PAML Manley Hot Springs Airport
Manokotak PAMB Manokotak Airport
Marshall PADM Marshall Don Hunter Sr Airport
May Creek MYK May Creek Airport
McCarthy PAMX Mc Carthy Airport
McCarthy AK0 Jakes Bar Airport
McGrath PAMC Mc Grath Airport
McGrath 16Z Mc Grath Seaplane Base
McKinley Park PAIN Mc Kinley National Park Airport
Mekoryuk PAMY Mekoryuk Airport
Metlakatla PAMM Metlakatla Seaplane Base
Meyers Chuck 84K Meyers Chuck Seaplane Base
Middleton Island PAMD Middleton Island Airport
Minchumina PAMH Minchumina Airport
Minto 51Z Minto Al Wright Airport
Moose Pass 52Z Summit Lake Seaplane Base
Moser Bay KMY Moser Bay Seaplane Base
Mountain Village PAMO Mountain Village Airport
Nakeen 76Z Nakeen Airport
Naknek 5NK Naknek Airport
Nancy Lake 78Z Nancy Lake Seaplane Base
Nanwalek KEB Nanwalek Airport
Napakiak PANA Napakiak Airport
Napaskiak PAPK Napaskiak Airport
Nelson Lagoon PAOU Nelson Lagoon Airport
Nenana PANN Nenana Municipal Airport
New Stuyahok PANW New Stuyahok Airport
Newtok PAEW Newtok Airport
Newtok WWT Newtok Seaplane Base
Nightmute PAGT Nightmute Airport
Nikolai PAFS Nikolai Airport
Ninilchik NIN Ninilchik Airport
Noatak PAWN Noatak Airport
Nome PAOM Nome Airport
Nome 94Z Nome City Field Airport
Nondalton PANO Nondalton Airport
Noorvik PFNO Robert (Bob) Curtis Memorial Airport
North Pole 95Z Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport
North Whale Pass 96Z North Whale Seaplane Base
Northway PAOR Northway Airport
Nuiqsut PAQT Nuiqsut Airport
Nulato PANU Nulato Airport
Nunapitchuk 16A Nunapitchuk Airport
Old Harbor 6R7 Old Harbor Airport
Olga Bay KOY Olga Bay Seaplane Base
Ophir Z17 Ophir Airport
Ouzinkie 4K5 Ouzinkie Airport
Palmer PAAQ Palmer Municipal Airport
Palmer AK1 Butte Municipal Airport
Palmer 99Z Finger Lake Seaplane Base
Palmer 2D3 Gooding Lake Seaplane Base
Paxson PAXK Paxson Airport
Pedro Bay 4K0 Pedro Bay Airport
Pelican PEC Pelican Seaplane Base
Perry Island PYL Perry Island Seaplane Base
Perryville PAPE Perryville Airport
Petersburg PAPG Petersburg James A Johnson Airport
Petersburg 63A Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility
Pilot Point PAPN Pilot Point Airport
Pilot Point UGB Ugashik Bay Airport
Pilot Station 0AK Pilot Station Airport
Platinum PAPM Platinum Airport
Point Baker KPB Point Baker Seaplane Base
Point Hope PAPO Point Hope Airport
Point Lay PPIZ Point Lay LRRS Airport
Point McIntyre AK11 Point McIntyre Airport
Port Alexander PAAP Port Alexander Seaplane Base
Port Alice 16K Port Alice Seaplane Base
Port Bailey KPY Port Bailey Seaplane Base
Port Graham PGM Port Graham Airport
Port Heiden PAPH Port Heiden Airport
Port Lions ORI Port Lions Airport
Port Protection 19P Port Protection Seaplane Base
Port Walter PWR Port Walter Seaplane Base
Port Williams KPR Port Williams Seaplane Base
Portage Creek PAOC Portage Creek Airport
Prospect Creek PAPR Prospect Creek Airport
Purkeypile 01A Purkeypile Airport
Quail Creek 20K Quail Creek Airport
Quartz Creek 5QC Quartz Creek (Kougarok) Airport
Quinhagak PAQH Quinhagak Airport
Rainy Pass 6AK Rainy Pass Lodge Airport
Rampart RMP Rampart Airport
Red Devil RDV Red Devil Airport
Ruby PARY Ruby Airport
Russian Mission PARS Russian Mission Airport
Saginaw Bay A23 Saginaw Seaplane Base
Salmon Lake Z81 Salmon Lake Airport
San Juan WSJ San Juan (Uganik) Seaplane Base
Sand Point PASD Sand Point Airport
Savoonga PASA Savoonga Airport
Scammon Bay PACM Scammon Bay Airport
Selawik PASK Selawik Airport
Seldovia PASO Seldovia Airport
Seldovia A27 Seldovia Seaplane Base
Seward PAWD Seward Airport
Shageluk PAHX Shageluk Airport
Shaktoolik PFSH Shaktoolik Airport
Sheep Mountain PASP Sheep Mountain Airport
Sheldon Point SXP Sheldon Point Airport
Shishmaref PASH Shishmaref Airport
Shungnak PAGH Shungnak Airport
Sitka PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport
Sitka A29 Sitka Seaplane Base
Skagway PAGY Skagway Airport
Skagway 7K2 Skagway Seaplane Base
Skwentna PASW Skwentna Airport
Sleetmute PASL Sleetmute Airport
Soldotna PASX Soldotna Airport
Soldotna SD1 Soldotna Hospital H Heliport
Soldotna L85 Mackeys Lakes Seaplane Base
South Naknek PFWS South Naknek Nr 2 Airport
Squaw Harbor 36H Squaw Harbor Seaplane Base
St George PAPB St George Airport
St Mary's PASM St Mary's Airport
St Michael PAMK St Michael Airport
St Paul Island PASN St Paul Island Airport
Steamboat Bay WSB Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base
Stebbins WBB Stebbins Airport
Stevens Village SVS Stevens Village Airport
Stony River SRV Stony River 2 Airport
Summit PAST Summit Airport
Takotna TCT Takotna Airport
Taku Harbor A43 Taku Harbor Seaplane Base
Taku Lodge TKL Taku Lodge Seaplane Base
Talkeetna PATK Talkeetna Airport
Talkeetna AK8 Christiansen Lake Seaplane Base
Tanacross TSG Tanacross Airport
Tanana PATA Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport
Tatitlek 7KA Tatitlek Airport
Tatitna 8KA Tatitna Airport
Tazlina Z14 Tazlina Airport
Tazlina 5AK Tazlina (Smokey Lake) Seaplane Base
Telida 2K5 Telida Airport
Teller PATE Teller Airport
Tenakee Springs TKE Tenakee Seaplane Base
Tetlin 3T4 Tetlin Airport
Thompson Pass K55 Thompson Pass Airport
Thorne Bay KTB Thorne Bay Seaplane Base
Togiak Village PATG Togiak Airport
Tok PFTO Tok Junction Airport
Tokeen 57A Tokeen Seaplane Base
Toksook Bay PAOO Toksook Bay Airport
Tolsona Lake 58A Tolsona Lake Seaplane Base
Totatlanika River 9AK Totatlanika River Airport
Tuluksak TLT Tuluksak Airport
Tuntutuliak A61 Tuntutuliak Airport
Tuntutuliak Z20 Tuntutuliak Seaplane Base
Tununak 4KA Tununak Airport
Tuxekan Island AK62 Naukati Bay Seaplane Base
Twin Hills A63 Twin Hills Airport
Ugashik 9A8 Ugashik Airport
Umiat PAUM Umiat Airport
Unalakleet PAUN Unalakleet Airport
Unalaska PADU Unalaska Airport
Valdez PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field Airport
Valdez L93 Robe Lake Seaplane Base
Venetie PAVE Venetie Airport
Wainwright PAWI Wainwright Airport
Wales PAIW Wales Airport
Wasilla PAWS Wasilla Airport
Wasilla 4A3 Lake Lucille Seaplane Base
Wasilla 3H3 Cottonwood Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla 5L6 Wasilla Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla 3K9 Upper Wasilla Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla 3A3 Seymour Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla 29A Island Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla T66 Visnaw Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla 4AK0 Niklason Lake Seaplane Base
Wasilla D75 Blodget Lake Seaplane Base
Waterfall KWF Waterfall Seaplane Base
West Point KWP West Point Village Seaplane Base
White Mountain PAWM White Mountain Airport
Whittier PAWR Whittier Airport
Willow PAUO Willow Airport
Willow 2X2 Willow Seaplane Base
Willow MFN Minuteman Lake Seaplane Base
Wiseman WSM Wiseman Airport
Wrangell PAWG Wrangell Airport
Wrangell 68A Wrangell Seaplane Base
Yakataga PACY Yakataga Airport
Yakutat PAYA Yakutat Airport
Yakutat A70 Dangerous River Airport
Yakutat AK76 East Alsek River Airport
Yakutat A57 Alsek River Airport
Yakutat A69 Tanis Mesa Airport
Yakutat A68 Situk Airport
Yakutat A67 Harlequin Lake Airport
Yakutat 2Y3 Yakutat Seaplane Base
Yankee Creek A77 Yankee Creek 2 Airport
Yes Bay 78K Yes Bay Lodge Seaplane Base
Yukon Charley Rivers L20 Coal Creek Airport